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Our Cuisine

Pork loin with Cranberry sauce
With fried sweet potatoes.

Patagonian Lamb
Served with red wine and rosemary garnished with rustic potatoes.

Liguria Sirloin
Leeks stock, dry mushrooms, bacon with Port sauce, garnished with spinach croquettes and fried potatoes.

Sirloin tournedo served with echalottes and Malbec sauce
Cooked in it’s juice, au gratin with alioli sauce, crispy bacon and mix of seeds.
Garnished with mushrooms ragu, glazed endives and minibrochettes of verdures.

Queen Margot chicken thigh
Stuffed with cured ham, parmesan cheese, softcheese and button mushrooms, garnished with cubed potatoes, asparagus and almond sauce.

Puerto Cristal chicken breast fillet
Stuffed with ham soft cream, gruyere cheese and chicken paté served with mushrooms sauce and garnished with steamed vegetables.

Opening Hours

Dom - Jueves / 12pm - 2am
Vier - Sáb / 12pm - 3am


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Av. Alicia Moreau de Justo 1082,
Puerto Madero,
Buenos Aires, Argentina