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Fish and Seafood

 Seafood Stew

Octopus Stew
With fried potatoes on the side.

 Valencian Paella

 Seafood Paella

Trout Viscayan style
Grilled, with olive oil, lemon and capers sauce, garnished with mashed potatoes and steamed potatoes.

Stuffed trout
Garnished with mussels, pineapple, soft cream cheese and leeks, served with anchovy sauce with Dauphine potatoes.

Haddock Paris
Served with balsamic vinegar, capers, olive oil, mushrooms and scallion sauce, garnished with rice in calamari ink and potatoes with saffron on the side.

 Octopus Galician style
With olive oil, spanish paprika and steamed potatoes.

 Chef´s speciality
With saffron rice, octopus and prawns.

Sole Puerto Cristal
Served with scallion cream, shrimps, mushrooms and two colors rice.

Rustic salmon covered with sesame and poppy seeds
Served with a sauce with cream, pickles and ciboulet. Garnished with baked andinian potatoes with fresh rosemary and cherry tomato.

 Pink salmon with almond cream sauce
With three colours vegetables terrine.

 Pink salmon Caprese style
Garnished with grilled peppers, squash and rice noodles.

 Selection of fish
Variety of broiled fish, chilean salmon, sole, haddock, baby squids, trout, squid, octopus and king prawns, served with Balsamic vinegar, olive oil, octopus, button mushrooms, capers and fine herbs, garnished with rice and saffroned potatoes.

Land and Ocean tasting
Prawns, octopus, frog, shrimps and prawns with fish fumet.
Garnished with asiatic rice noodles served with dill and ginger sauce.

Patagonian toothfish in Company (For 2 person)
With grilled octopus, baby squids, mussels, prawns and mushrooms.
Garnished with black and greek-style rice.

 Patagonian toothfish “Vizcaya”
Grilled with olive oil, lemon and capers, garnished with mashed potatoes.

Served with Thermidor or Champagne sauce (1/2)

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