House Specials


King Prawns served with soft Garlic Creamy Sauce
On top of Risotto Nero Di Sepia.

Country and Ocean temptation
Smoked Salmon, scampy, octopus, mussells, shrimps, squids, endibes, avocado, arugula, mushrooms and Cherry tomato.

Crispy and sliced Provolone cheese
Green leaves, sliced beetroot, avocado, cherry tomato and shrimps;
Scallops with a dressing of chopped tomato, olive oil, lemon and ginger.

Main Courses

Ocean Griddle
Octopus, Pink Salmon, Prawns and Haddock.
Garnished with grilled vegetables and steamed potatoes.

Griddle patagonian Toothfish
Served with spider crab creamy sauce. Garnished with spinach souflée, bróccoli, dehydrated tomato, scallops and saffron flavored potatoes pearls.

Roasted Rib Eye
Served with a sauce of Demiglase, echalottes and bacon.
Garnished with breaded in Panko Potatoes and stuffed mushrooms.

Frog legs served with a bittersweet Sauce of Grapefruit
On top of Risotto with coriander.

Home made Pasta
Of Mushrooms dough Stuffed with Rib Eye, bacon, funghi and echalotes.
Served with a sauce of Fileto, mushrooms, cherry tomato and garlic.


Opening Hours

Open every day
Sunday to Thursday from 12 pm to 2 am.
Friday and Saturday from 12 to 3 am.


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Av. Alicia Moreau de Justo 1082,
Puerto Madero,
Buenos Aires, Argentina