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Cold Appetizers

Smoked salmon with capers, sliced red onion and coriander Alioli 

Raw ham and Gruyere cheese

 Veal Carpaccio
Capers, arúgula, Parmesan cheese and Boiled quail egg

Burrata cheese 
Parma´s ham, Arúgula, dried tomato with olive oil, "pesto", balsamic vinegar and chopped black olives

 Provençal Octopus 

 Fresh Oysters 

Ocean & Farm Selection (For 2 person) 
King Prawns, smoked salmon, Parma´s Ham, turkey and alioli from smoked garlic

Ocean Anthology (For 2 person) 
Smoked Salmon, king prawns, shrimps, octopus, spider crab, caviar and sesame oil

 Baby Spinachs, smoked salmon and Blue Cheese
With crispy Parma´s ham, cherry tomato and fresh mushrooms

 Puerto Cristal Salad
Spider crab, prawns, fresh mushrooms, arúgula and strawberries vinaigret

Opening Hours

Open every day
Sunday to Thursday from 12 pm to 2 am.
Friday and Saturday from 12 to 3 am.


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Av. Alicia Moreau de Justo 1082,
Puerto Madero,
Buenos Aires, Argentina